We conduct Psychometric Test as a preliminary test. Click to know more

Psychometric test for students is a tool which enables us to chart your Nature and Intelligence and form a personality matrix to indicate the careers which are best suited for you and in which you can achieve sustained success and satisfaction. Having been tested and validated on over several thousands of students, psychometric test for students has been found to give an accurate result based on the 76 questions asked which on an average, students take about 30 minutes to complete. Psychometric test for students assesses whether you are motivated by competition, have the ability to deal with deadlines without stress and are an extrovert as compared to other students. In order to give you the ability to perform well and succeed in your career path and consequently the stream of education you choose, psychometric tests help you identify issues and difficulties and work out strategies to overcome them.
GSC help you plan your career by working on your overall abilities, aptitude and personality. Psychometric tests identify areas you need to work on. Based on these indications, our consultants give you the right advice and guidance.

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Our Services on each Step to make your Study Abroad Journey smooth.

(Free Consultancy)

to choose your Course and Country to study abroad.GSC team of study abroad consultants is always ready to assist you to answer any question regarding your choice of higher education.

Registeration & Short-Listing

After successful registeration, student sends documents and the manager assissts in finalizing and short-listing universities and companies.

(Secure Admission)

CSC will help you to prepare all documents for Admission, for example to make Resume (CV), write Motivation Letter, Online Application, Online Application payment etc.

(Study Visa)

The VISA procedure can be a stressful experience without the right assistance.GSC organises visa seminars and mock sessions to help you ease through visa procedure.


GSC provides its clients with travel assistance through pre departure information.GSC also helps in providing easy loan.


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